Helpful terms:
  • A favicon is the icon that displays in the browser tab when you visit pages using that domain. Your favicon should be 16x16 pixels or 32 x 32 pixels in size, and on a transparent background. PNG format is recommended, but .GIF and .JPG are also acceptable.
  • An index page is the page you want to display as your homepage when someone visits your domain. 
  • A 404 error page is the page that displays when someone visits a URL that doesn’t exist on your domain. 

To set up your index and 404 error pages:

  1. Visit Kartra Account Profile > Custom domains and hover over your custom domain integration
  2. Click Edit domain
  3. Configure your index and 404 error pages and favicons and click Save in the upper right

Hover over a custom domain to edit or remove it


  • Use the External URL option if you have a different website you want to use as the homepage for your domain.
    • Do not input the custom domain you are connecting to Kartra as the external URL option for the index page. This will create an endless loop.
  • If you do not already have a website, use the Kartra page option and select the Kartra page you want to display when people visit your domain.
    • The Kartra page must be published in order to appear as a configuration option.