Kartra funnel maps allow you to create visual blueprints of your campaigns before or after you start building the pieces. Use the visual map canvas to plan each step of a user journey and determine what components are needed for the flow.

Pro tip

  1. Use a completed funnel map as a blueprint to start building your assets.
  2. Create an asset for each step of the funnel, including each connection and automation rule.

Start forecasting performance with funnel simulations. Create one or more simulation scenarios for each visual funnel map to estimate engagement and revenue depending on the conversion ratio from each traffic source.

Finally, Real-time analytics show you what’s really happening to your assets, and turn your visual funnel maps into powerful feedback machines.

Select any visual funnel in your account for analysis in the real-time engine. Define each traffic source with UTM parameters so you can see where your traffic comes from and where it goes, with insights at every step.

Compare the real-time performance of the funnel with simulations of the same flow to improve the accuracy of your projections.