Kartra sends email notifications when certain things happen in your account, like when you make a sale or a new member signs up for your course. Email notification templates can be customized with your branding and personalized with a selection of dynamic variables to make the content more engaging.

Customize email notification templates for your account's transactional messages

Email notification templates are grouped by recipient:

  • To your leads
  • To your affiliates
  • To your team

To view or edit notifications, go to Email notifications

  1. Use the tabs at the top of the page to view the notifications for each recipient type
    • Sort by category to refine the results shown (Optional)
  2. Click the toggle in the Activate column to enable or disable the notification
  3. Click the name of an email to preview it
  4. Click the pencil icon in the Actions column to edit

Pro tip

The email notification templates are global for your account, meaning that the contents you add while editing will be sent every time the email is triggered. For example, Order confirmation to buyer will be sent to every customer that buys any product hosted in your account.

With that in mind, only add general content to the template that will apply to all uses of the email, such as your logo or general support information. If personalized information is needed such as the customer's name or the contents of a custom field use dynamic variables to make sure each recipient only sees information that is relevant to them.