Real-time analytics for a funnel display all traffic (people) and conversion (rate) data captured for the traceable components in a funnel map, regardless of where the traffic came from. 

To organize and give the data context, traffic source components must be added to the map and configured with UTM parameters.

If a traffic source component in the map has no UTM values defined, a blue Missing sources label appears. Hover over the label to see the tooltip, "No traffic source configured. Traffic from all sources is being displayed."

Missing sources display window

In this state, although the traffic pop-over for each traceable component in the map displays the correct visit and conversion data, each traffic source component shows “all traffic” as unassigned values.

Example Scenario

The funnel below has two traffic sources and 28 unique visitors captured on an opt-in page. The traffic sources are undefined, so the analysis cannot attribute the visitors to a specific source. As a result, both sources show all 28 unique visitors and the label Missing sources.

Example of a funnel and it's analytics

To refine the traffic data into unique sources, add the UTM values that bring traffic into the funnel to the traffic source components in the map.

Traffic source configuration window

With source parameters added to the traffic components, the actual number of unique visitors from each source is displayed:

Example of actual numbers in funnel analytics after UTM parameters are input.

In the preceding example, 19 visitors are identified as from Instagram, 8 from Facebook, and 1 remains unknown.