Go to Integrations to connect additional services to your Kartra account.


  • Use the search or drop down menu in the top right corner of the integrations page to filter what you see
  • A green status bubble indicates a successful existing connection
  • A red or yellow status bubble indicates a problem with an existing connection
  • Click the three dots on any integration tile to edit a connection or create a new one

To integrate any of these services with Kartra, you must have an active account for the third-party software. Depending on the service, you may need access to API keys or other authentication tokens. See the linked guides below for details.

Payment processing

Connect a payment processor with Kartra to accept money

Read the setup guides:

Meeting and calendar services

Connect with Google and Zoom for calendars and meetings

Read the setup guides:

SMTP email delivery

Connect email SMTP to Kartra

Read the setup guides:

An integrated SMTP is not required to send email from your account. Learn more about Kartra's native mail service, KartraMail.

SMS text message delivery

Integrate SMS delivery with Kartra

Read the setup guides:

Membership access

Connect Kartra with membership sites

Read the setup guides:

An integrated membership is not required to sell courses or other exclusive content from your account. Learn more about Kartra's membership feature.

Zapier automation

Connect Kartra with Zapier

Zapier connection requires API access and approval. Click Request activation to get started.

Check your plan

API access is included with Kartra Growth, Professional, and Enterprise plans. Review or change your subscription in your account Billing.