SendGrid is an SMTP service that can provide email delivery for messages created in Kartra. If KartraMail is enabled in your account, a third-party SMTP is not required to send emails.

How to integrate SendGrid with Kartra

You will need a SendGrid account to complete this guide. Visit SendGrid's website to create one.

Get SendGrid API key

In your SendGrid account:

  1. Go to Settings > API keys
  2. Create a new API key with Full access
    • Keep this window open. You will need to copy and paste the API key into Kartra to complete the integration.

Create Kartra integration

In your Kartra account:

  1. Go to Integrations
    • Tip: Use the drop-down menu in the top right to filter by Email integrations or search for SendGrid.
  2. Click the three dots to open the menu on any SendGrid tile and select + Create integration
    • A green checkmark on the integration tile means at least one integration is already active for the service. You can add more than one.
  3. In the New gateway window, add the details for sending email through SendGrid:

    Configure SendGrid integration in Kartra
    • Choose a name for this integration to help you identify it in your Kartra account
    • Add the SendGrid API key: Go back to SendGrid and copy the API key you created. Return to Kartra and paste it into the API key field of the integration setup.
    • Add your sender details to the gateway configuration. These are the details that appear in a recipient’s inbox when they receive your message to tell them it's from you.
      • Sender name (your name or business name)
      • Send-from email address (your primary business email address)
      • Reply-to email address (a valid address where you can receive replies)
    • If desired, tick the box to mark this integration as your default email delivery gateway. The default gateway will be automatically selected for each email you create, but can be changed.
  4. Test the configuration and click Create in the top right corner to save it
    • Sending yourself a test email checks to ensure the API connection between Kartra and SendGrid is working correctly. You will receive a confirmation message to the email address entered in the test field.

When the integration has been completed, the window will prompt you to Configure your webhook. The webhook is needed to enable analytics and tracking for the messages you send from Kartra through your SendGrid gateway.

Copy the webhook:

Add the Kartra webhook to SendGrid

In your SendGrid account:

  1. Go to Settings > Mail Settings
  2. Turn on Event Notification
  3. In the HTTP POST URL field, paste the unique webhook URL that you copied from Kartra
  4. Select the Event notifications you would like to send to Kartra
  5. Click the checkmark in the top corner to save the changes

Test the webhook

  1. In SendGrid, click "test your integration" to verify the connection with Kartra's server. This test will not appear in Kartra.
  2. When the webhook has been added, send yourself a test broadcast or sequence email from Kartra with a link in the body content.
    • Open the email and click any link inside it to test the communication between SendGrid and Kartra. Kartra will record these actions if the webhook is set up correctly.
  3. Check your lead log after opening the email and clicking the link inside.
    • Look for log entries corresponding with delivery and the actions you took in the test message: "email sent," "email opened," and "email clicked."

Need help?

  • Contact SendGrid support for help inside the SendGrid account, such as creating an API key or adding the webhook to your SendGrid account.
  • Contact Kartra support for help inside the Kartra account, such as configuring the integration.