Goal: Change or add fields and other settings in the opt-in form (optional).

The Simple List Builder opt-in form is pre-configured to collect only the first name and email address of a new prospect, which is the recommended best practice for the highest possible conversion to an opt-in form.

It is not necessary to make any changes to the opt-in form before launching your funnel. However, you can add additional fields or make other changes to the form configuration if desired.

  1. Go to Forms
  2. Locate the asset with your deployment prefix called Simple List Builder Form
  3. Click on the three dots to open the menu
  4. Select Edit to open the form configuration

You can change:

  • Fields shown on the form. While First Name and Email are standard additions to high-performing opt-In forms, you may want to add other fields, including custom fields.
  • Confirmation type from single opt-in to double opt-in. Single opt-in delivers higher conversions to your list, but double opt-in will result in a smaller, but more active and engaged list. The choice is yours, neither one is "better" or "worse".
  • A welcome message. You can configure a welcome message here in the opt-in. However, since this form will automatically add anyone who fills it out to an email follow-up, you don't need this step.
  • In Basic automations, you'll see that the visitor will be assigned a tag and subscribed to the list, PREFIX Simple List Builder Optins. Don't change these (they are required for the funnel to work), but you can add additional tags or lists if you choose.

Skip the form design step. In this campaign, the design is created at the page level. If you have added a number of new fields to your opt-in, you may want to return to the previous step and view your page again, ensuring that it looks good with the additional fields.

When you've finished, move on to Step 4: Customize the Thank You Page