After creating a visual funnel map, use the Simulation tool to estimate potential revenue for those funnels.

To create a new simulation, go to Funnels > Simulations

  1. Click the add Simulation button in the lower right corner
  2. Name the simulation and select the funnel you want to evaluate

Add traffic and conversion estimates to the funnel

Click on the traffic object and select Traffic to configure it. Enter estimates for the number of visitors and the cost of each click.

Add traffic cost and volumn estimates to the incoming visitor sources

Click on each traceable action object in the funnel and select Traffic to add a conversion estimate. In the following example, the traceable action object is an opt-in form.

Add conversion estimates to each action object

When traffic estimates are provided and conversion estimates are added to all traceable objects, the Simulation analytics panel displays the potential results.

In this example, an opt-in form does not generate revenue, so only visitors and traffic costs are simulated.

Simulation analytics panel displays projected funnel results

Pro tip

Create multiple simulations for the same funnel to see how projections might change based on different traffic or conversion rates.

Launch the real-time funnel analytics tool to see the actual performance of your funnels and how accurate your estimates were!