Navigating your account

Admin menu (1)

In the top right corner of your account, click the avatar icon to access the admin menu. Here you will find your profile and the global settings for your account.

To the left of the profile avatar are five additional quick access icons:

  1. Imported campaigns opens a panel that displays a record of all imported campaigns and your progress through their setup.
  2. Onboarding opens a panel that displays your progress through exploring and setting up your account orientation.
  3. Certified partners takes you to a directory of Kartra experts.
  4. Support takes you to the Kartra help directory and ticket portal.
  5. News & Alerts takes you to a message feed where you can see news from the Kartra team and alerts related to unique events in your account.

Content menu (2)

On the left side of your account dashboard, access the content you want to build or manage. This is where you create your web pages, memberships and courses, opt-in forms and more! All your business assets are created in these sections.

Dashboard analytics

Once you begin to create content, sequences, memberships, and more, it is important to see how all of those elements are performing. How many people are signing up or unsubscribing, how many sales you're making, etc.

The quickest way to find an overview of that information is by visiting your account dashboard.

To access the dashboard, either click the Kartra logo in the top left of your screen or click your account avatar in the top right and select Dashboard from the admin menu.

Example of the Kartra account dashboard

Example (above) of the Kartra account dashboard. Click the image to enlarge.

The dashboard has five areas of analytics:

  1. Sales
  2. Subscriptions
  3. Recent Broadcasts
  4. Traffic & Conversions
  5. Helpdesk
  6. Calendar

Sales shows statistics for your products over the last 7 days: Total Sales and Rebills, Refunds, Revenue, and Profit. Profit is Revenue minus refunds and affiliate commissions (if applicable). Hovering over each bar in the graph will show you the detailed statistics for each day in the last week.

The next tab in the Sales module shows performance metrics for your top three affiliates. You can see the number of sales from each day in the last week and the total number of sales made by each affiliate. Click on the affiliate's name to view their profile.

Subscriptions shows sign-up statistics for leads, lists, sequences, and memberships for the last 7 days. Hover over each day to view specific details.

The green and red +/- indicators show the total number of subscriptions and unsubscriptions in the last week.

Recent broadcasts shows delivery and engagement data for your three most recent broadcasts, displayed in whole numbers or a percentage (switch between the views from the top right of the module box). Click the name of a broadcast to see the contents of the message.

Traffic and Conversions shows visits and goals to your most viewed pages, videos, and forms. For pages, you can hover over the title to see a preview of the page. The graph displays visitors for each day in the last week. "Goals" are events that occur on the page that are counted as a conversion, such as a product purchase, video play, or form submission.

Helpdesk shows current support statistics: new tickets, unopened tickets, new chats, and the average satisfaction rating from your helpdesk users.

Upcoming calendar events shows your next three calendar appointments and either the total number of registrants or the name of a registrant (for single-person bookings). Click to see more information.