Use Kartra’s product pricing options to create recurring payment subscriptions that automatically begin billing after a trial period.

Configure the subscription terms in your Product settings:

  1. Create a new Product or edit an existing one
  2. At the Pricing step, open the Product pricing module
  3. Select Recurring from the ratio choices at the top of the module
    • Recurring creates a payment plan that charges your customer on a defined schedule (every month, year, etc.) until it is cancelled. This is the most common prepaid subscription model.
  4. Add a description, the price of each recurring payment, and the frequency of recurrence

Configure a recurring subscription payment

To add a trial period, click the Enable initial payment toggle to turn it ON (shown in the preceding image)

  1. Define the trial period in the fields that appear
    • Price: The amount a new customer will pay when they check out. If your trial is free, leave the amount to $0.
    • Period: The period between the initial purchase and the first time the full recurring price will be charged. For a two-week trial, enter 14 days, etc. 
  2. Save the module when your configuration is complete.

Save the pricing module to close it

Pro tip

Initial payment option is available for all price point types: one-time, recurring, installments, and recurring installments.

Trial billing cycle

With the configuration shown in the example images, the billing will behave like this:

  • The customer decides to sign up for your trial and enters their credit card in your checkout form. They are not charged, as the initial payment amount is set to $0.
  • Access to your product is delivered immediately according to your configuration (whether by email or access to a membership, etc.).
  • 14 days after the date the customer submitted the checkout form, the monthly payment cycle automatically begins. The customer is charged $29.

In a month, the customer is charged $29 again, and will continue to be charged until the subscription is cancelled.

Pro tip

You can also use the initial payment period to grant your new customer access for a limited-time lower rate, such as $1 or “50% off the first month,” or an offer like, “3 months for the price of 2.”

Enter any amount you want the customer to pay to activate the subscription and get access to your product.