Set your account currency in your Settings. Learn more about choosing your default currency.

Kartra processes all payment transactions from your account in a single currency. Select the currency you want to use from the options shown in your Settings.

Your customers will be charged in your account's currency each time they buy one of your products. If they are in a geographic area with a different local currency, conversion may be automatically provided by their bank or credit card provider. The total amount of the charge shown on their bank statement may be higher or lower than your purchase price, depending on the current exchange rate between their local currency and yours.

A charge that is converted by the processing bank will typically display the sale amount and currency, the rate of exchange, and the final amount billed to the card in the customer's local currency.

Checkout conversion help

Kartra checkouts provide a currency conversion tool to help you customers estimate how much they will pay in their local currency. This tool does not change the currency they are billed in. It can only be used to estimate the rate of conversion after the purchase.

To access the currency conversion tool, go to the checkout form for any product in your account. In the upper right corner, a drop-down field displays the default currency.

Example of Kartra checkout conversion tool

  • Click the currency field and select the currency you want an estimate for
  • The popover displays estimated totals in the selected currency
  • If your customer completes a purchase, they will be charged in your default account currency

The currency conversion tool uses Google's currency conversion index to display daily exchange rates. The displayed rate is not a quote and does not change how a payment is charged.