Kartra memberships are organized spaces where you can build courses and other exclusive content, and then sell or give away access to it.

Memberships functions include:

  • Category and subcategory directory structure
  • Choice of required login or open access
  • Choice of paid or free access for your members
  • Access levels for more complex access segmentation
  • Release schedules pre-configured based on dynamic or fixed dates
  • Choice of progression and completion indicators 
  • Comments and moderation per post
  • Integration with a Kartra helpdesk or an external link to give your members the support they need
  • Integration with Kartra product checkouts, calendars, surveys, and more, to enhance the engagement and revenue potential of your content

To create new content, go to Memberships

  1. Click the add Membership button to create a new membership
  2. At the Contents step, click Launch builder to enter the drag-and-drop content builder
  3. In the Actions menu, choose Save and Exit to exit the content builder
    • Choose a layout theme for the membership on the exit confirmation screen
    • Come back to the builder any time to continue editing or adding content
  4. Complete each step of the setup wizard to configure the functions of the membership
    • Pro tip: The Comments, Access levels, and Progress steps of the wizard are available to edit once you have created at least one category and post in the Membership builder.

Choose a membership layout template when exiting the builder

Choose a template to set the theme of your membership