• The Scheduled webinar will take place sometime in the future. You can choose to set up your webinar in three ways: 
    • single session - customer chooses one date/time, 
    • multiple sessions - customer registers for all webinars 
    • recurring series of sessions - customer registers to a series of daily or weekly sessions. These can be a predetermined number of sessions or recurring until they cancel the webinar subscription.  
  • Scheduled webinars allow both free and paid registration with an opt-in form. 
    • If you wish to set up a paid webinar, first create a new product dedicated specifically to this webinar to avoid potential registration errors. 
  • Your customers will fill out a registration form and receive a webinar link via email.

Right Now, Always On, Scheduled configuration display.

Advanced configuration process lets you customize all aspects of your webinar. 

To create a Scheduled webinar: 

  1. Visit Webinars and select the blue plus button on the bottom right.
  2. Enter a webinar name and click Next.
  3. Select Advanced configuration and click Next.
  4. Select Scheduled and click Create.
  5. Add Webinar details and additional Presenters and click Save on the right for each section:
    • Additional presenters added in the configuration wizard enter the webinar as room administrators. Room administrators can grant and revoke administrator status of any presenter. 
    • All presenters can access the live room options from the right-side menu. 
    • Presenters without administrator status can’t manage other presenters or access the start and end call buttons.
  6. Click Save and next on the bottom to continue the setup.
  7. Set up the desired Schedule and time zone for your webinar(s):
    • One single session - your customers can register to one webinar (for example, August 19 at 4 pm).
    • Multiple sessions - your customers will register for all scheduled webinars (for example, August 19 at 4pm and September 12th at noon).
    • Recurring series of sessions - your customers will register to a series of daily or weekly events for their entire duration (for example, every Monday at 5pm for 5 weeks).
    • PRO TIP: If you modify the webinar schedule, all related data will be lost, including registered participants and the replay video links for that specific session(s).
  8. Set up your registration opt-in form and success message and click Save on the right for each section.
  9. Click Save and next on the bottom to continue the setup.
  10. Set up Notifications to email your customers an instant booking confirmation message with access links and click Save on the right.
    • If you choose to send a booking confirmation message, you will have an option to also draft and schedule reminder emails. These emails can be set to go out anytime between 14 days and 1 hour before or after the session. 
  11. Click Save and next on the bottom to continue the setup.
  12. Set up Live room features you’d like to use to interact with your attendees and click Save and next on the bottom:
    • Polls and quizzes
    • Product offer
    • Videos
    • Files handouts
    • Slide presentation
  13. Select the desired video replay permission and click Save on the right.
  14. Selecting Yes, allow access to the replay page will prompt you to set up webinar replay contents, replay controls, replay page expiration date, and if you wish to allow users to submit questions.
  15. Click Save and next on the bottom to continue the setup.
  16. Set up Automations features you’d like to apply to webinar attendees and click Save and nexton the bottom.
    • Assign tags
    • Subscribe to lists
    • Subscribe to sequences
    • Advanced automations
  17. Copy the Registration page link and share it with your attendees. Once they register, they will see the booking confirmation message or the redirect page you set up in an earlier step. 
  18. Visit the Live room link to start your webinar.