Kartra Surveys give you tools to engage with customers and prospects and store responses as custom fields in the respondent's lead profile.

Surveys can be used to produce traditional surveys or quizzes.

Share surveys in three ways:

  1. Direct link to a default Kartra-hosted page
  2. Add as a component to a custom Kartra page or membership post
  3. Embed with JavaScript HTML code on an external (non-Kartra) page

Survey models

Traditional survey

Ask questions and get answers.

  • Ideal for lead generation, market research, customer satisfaction surveys, and any other case where you want to collect opinions or specific feedback from an audience.

Scored quiz

Ask questions with right or wrong answers. The final score is the percentage of correct responses.

  • Ideal for tests at the end of a learning course, or any case where you want to assess the knowledge or expertise of people who complete the quiz.

Personality quiz

Each answer has a positive or negative score value (-10/+10). The final score is a sum of the values assigned to the answers a lead selects.

  • Ideal for lead generation and any case where you want to target responders based on the total value of the answers they select throughout the survey. This type of quiz often consists of a series of questions or prompts that help to identify different personality types, preferences, and tendencies.

Survey analytics

In Analytics

  • Track the number of visitors, number of times each survey is completed, the average time it takes to complete the survey, and the average score or points achieved.

In Results 

  • Review all survey results, either in summary or by individual response.

Active browser cookies are required for accurate analytics. If a visitor to your survey declines or blocks cookies, the survey will still work, but your analytics may contain discrepancies.

Cookies allow Kartra to track a visitor's interaction with your survey and log progress events like completion or abandonment.