Add closed captions (CC) to a video so viewers can read along with the dialogue. This can help make your content accessible to anyone who may prefer or need an alternate method of communication.

To add closed captions to your video, edit or create a new video:

  1. Go to Media > Videos
  2. Click the add Video button in the bottom right or open an existing video by clicking the three dots on the asset tile
    • If adding a new video, upload the video file to begin. Captions cannot be added until the video upload is complete.
  3. Open Settings

    Add closed captions in the video settings
  4. Locate Closed captions and click the Upload text button
    • Uploaded files must be in the WebVTT format with the filename extension .VTT
  5. Click Publish video when you are finished configuring the video

Pro tip

Many video recording tools offer automatically generated caption files (usually you will have to turn this on before you start recording). If yours doesn't, or you have an existing video without a caption file, try searching for an online service where you can upload the video and get captions.

You can also create your own WebVTT captions. Check out this resource from 3Play Media to learn how: WebVTT Captions: How to Create a Web Video Text Track File