Turn on social media sharing in a surveys or quiz to add a Facebook or X share button to the success page.

Social sharing on a personality quiz success page

Open a survey for editing and launch the builder:

  1. In the left sidebar, find the Success page you want to edit
  2. In the Scored quiz and Personality quiz types, you can add multiple success pages depending on the visitor's final score
  3. In the content canvas, click the Social media toggle (shown in the previous image) to open a configuration panel. Add the information you want the social post to contain.

    Configure the social settings
    • For X, add a message and a URL for the post
    • For Facebook, only a URL is allowed

When clicked, the social share buttons create a post in the social network using the description and link you pre-configured. Your survey visitor just needs to click again to post it.

Tip: Choose a URL that will bring people back to your content from the social feed where they see the post.