PostMark integration requires a Server API key from Postmark to integrate into Kartra.

*Please Note: This means most issues will need to be solved via Postmark and Postmark support.

Go to Integrations in your Kartra account.

Postmark integration

Upon selecting the Postmark tab within the email gateway model window you will be presented with the following.

Integrate Postmark with Kartra

You will need to login to Postmark on a separate tab and collect the key from the API options within Postmark.

After logging into Postmark, select the server you wish to use, then select the Credentials tab within the menu options.

Postmark 01

*Please Note: Postmark may change their website from what appears in this document but there should still be an API section with the key information.

Go back to Kartra to complete the integration:

  1. Paste Postmark's Server API token into the API Key field in the configuration window.
  2. Name your integration. This is to help you identify it in your account.
  3. Add a sender name and send-from / reply-to email addresses.
  4. Click Create to save the integration.

If you are unable to find the "API Key" on Postmark or have issues with utilizing the webhook on Postmark, please contact Postmark support.

If your Postmark API Key does not work via Kartra, please contact Kartra support.

What about message streams?

Message streams are used by Postmark to help you separate different types of communications into different sending channels. When integrated with Kartra, it is not necessary to configure message streams in your Postmark account. 

Communication channels are handled on the Kartra side, keeping your transactional and commercial messages separate for optimal deliverability.