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When a scheduled payment fails to process, the subscription enters a failure cycle.

  • The failure cycle has a maximum duration of 9 days following the first payment attempt.
  • A new charge is attempted every three days during the failure cycle.
    • If any attempt is successful, the normal billing cycle is resumed.
    • If the final attempt to charge your customer fails, the subscription is automatically cancelled.

Notify your customer

Make sure your customer is notified when a payment fails so they can correct it!

  • Go to Email notifications
  • Select the To your leads tab
  • Filter to show Transactional Notifications templates
  • Toggle on and/or edit the notifications for rebill failure

Note: Rebill failure notifications will be sent to the buyer only. Kartra will not send you a notice.

Payment failure example

Example of recurring payment failure

  • You will see a total of four failed payment entries if a subscription is automatically cancelled (as shown in the previous image)
  • The first entry is on the day the payment was due.
  • The three following entries are new attempts to collect the past-due payment.
  • All transaction entries have a unique “Order ID,” including failed attempts, refund, and cancellation events.
  • Payments are attempted at approximately the same time of day as the customer’s original purchase. Check the timestamp of past payments in a subscription to estimate what time the next charge will be initiated.