Use double-opt-in confirmation to ask new leads to confirm their subscription to your mailing list. After they submit your form, the lead must go to their email inbox to click a link and reconfirm their opt-in.

Double-opt-in confirmation flow

Double-opt-in can help keep your list clean of any bad email addresses because only people who received and clicked on the confirmation email are fully opted in. You may have also hear this called a “verified opt-in” or a “two-step opt-in.”

Pro tip

You can also add CAPTCHA security to block bots with an “are you human” challenge.

How to create a two-step opt-in process

  1. Go to Forms and edit or create a new form
  2. At the Confirmation step, open the Single or double opt-in module
  3. Select Double opt-in and Save the module
  4. Three new modules appear for the double opt-in confirmation: 
    • Choose whether to send confirmation by email or SMS and customize the email sender details
    • Customize the contents of the confirmation message
    • Select the confirmation page a lead will go to after submitting the form.
    • With double opt-in, the lead will go to the final success page only after clicking the link in the confirmation message.
  5. Save all modules and finish the form setup


The confirmation message must contain the dynamic variable {optin_confirmation_link}. This variable is what adds the confirmation link to the message. If it is not included, your lead won’t be able to confirm their sign-up.

Your form must contain a phone number field to use the SMS confirmation option. If it does not, SMS will not be available. Go to the Form fields step in the setup wizard to add a phone number field.