Kartra Agency is a business hub inside your account where you can create, connect, and manage Kartra accounts for your clients. If you sell Kartra setup, design, marketing, or similar services, Agency gives you a centralized way to organize your work.

When adding a client as an agency, you can Create a new account or Connect an existing account. The difference between the options is ownership: this determines who controls and pays for the account.

  • Log in to your primary account and go to Agency
  • Click add Account to get started

Create a new account or connect a client-owned account

Create a new account

When you create a new account, your agency owns it. You will pay the subscription fee for the account and manage all billing actions. Because you are paying for the account, you will decide whether the client has access to it and how much they get to see.

Accounts purchased through your Agency dashboard are permanently owned by your Agency and cannot be disconnected to change ownership in the future.

Connect an existing account

If your client already has a Kartra account or prefers to retain ownership, you can connect their existing account to your Agency.

In this case, the client owns the account and is responsible for the Kartra subscription. As the owner, they also have some control over what you can see in their account.

When you initiate a connection request, the owner of the account will receive an email informing them of your request and what it means for their account. They can click the link inside to enter their account and see the pending request in their Team Members dashboard. There, they can accept or deny the connection request.

  • When your client accepts your connection request, a team member profile is automatically activated for you in their account. This profile can be revoked by your client at any time.

Once accepted, you will receive a confirmation email and your client will receive an email with further instructions on managing the new agency relationship. They will be able to restrict the areas you have access to in their account by adjusting your team member role.