You will need:

  • A fully configured visual funnel map with no placeholders
  • UTM tracking parameters for each traffic source in the funnel
  • Direct URLs to any external pages in the funnel

Note: This feature works by analyzing a funnel that already exists in your account. To create a funnel, follow the guide here: Create a visual funnel map

Using external pages

If your visual funnel map contains any steps that represent pages outside your Kartra account, a tracking code must be embedded in the code of the external pages to collect data for real-time analysis. 

For code embed instructions, go to: Real-time Analytics Tracking Code 

To analyze a funnel, go to Funnels in your account:

  1. Go to Funnels, then Analytics
  2. Select the Funnel you want to analyze from the Select funnel… dropdown menu
    Select a Kartra funnel to analyze
  3. Click a traffic source and click Edit
    Edit the funnel traffic source
  4. Add UTM values that match the parameters in the links bringing in traffic through the source (Mandatory)
    Add UTM parameters to the traffic source
  5. If you have a URL with your UTM parameters, paste it in the URL field and click the checkmark to extract the values (see video below)
    • If you do not have a URL, enter your UTM values manually
    • Click the Plus icon after each parameter to save and add it to the traffic source
  6. Repeat the UTM configuration for each traffic source in the funnel


Live traffic must enter the funnel by clicking a link containing these same UTM parameters or you will not see any incoming traffic data.

If external pages are represented in the map, add the direct URL for each page to its corresponding asset (Mandatory)

  1. Click the asset and then Edit
  2. Enter the direct URL of the external page and click Apply
  3. Repeat the URL configuration for each external page asset
    • Note: Each external page must also contain a trackable Kartra action component or an embedded tracking code. For code embed instructions, go to: Real-time Analytics Tracking Code
  4. Click Save in the upper right corner to finish the configuration

Pro tips

  • It is not necessary to use all of the UTM parameters for every traffic source. However, the more you use, the more detailed your analysis has the potential to be.
  • UTM parameter types are unique and cannot be used more than once for a single traffic source.
  • If there are any placeholders or external pages in the funnel you are analyzing, a yellow alert icon will appear on the object. Go to the funnel map and finish linking any assets where the alert appears to ensure that you will receive data from those steps.
    Analytics placeholder alert