Goal: Modify the follow-up emails that will go to the new people on your list. Customize them to add your branding, and more information about the freebie you're giving them.

The Simple List Builder campaign includes an automatic follow-up sequence that sends new prospects two emails. Customize the emails to add your branding and information about yourself or your product.

  1. Go to Communications > Communications > Sequences
  2. Locate the asset with your deployment prefix called Simple List Builder
  3. Click the pencil icon in the Actions column

In the pop-up window, edit the name and category if desired. Click the Edit button in the top right to launch the sequence and access its contents.

The sequence has a starting rule and three steps:

  • Starting rule: Lead fills form PREFIX Simple List Builder Form 
    • Anyone who submits an email address through the form will automatically be added to this sequence.
    • Do not edit the starting rule. This is required for the campaign to work.
  • Step 1: Send an email immediately
  • Step 2: Send another email the next day
  • Step 3: Complete immediately after sending the second email

Simple List Builder sequence

Edit steps 1 and 2 to customize the emails:

  1. Hover over the three dots in the top right corner of the first step and click Edit
  2. For each email in the campaign, edit the Gateway (1) and Email contents (2) sections (shown below). All others are preconfigured to run based on the Simple List Builder process and do not need to be updated.

Edit the gateway and email content sections

Update the Gateway settings

Gateway defines the sender and reply-to details that are sent with an email. They tell a recipient who the message came from and determine where a reply will be sent if the recipient responds.

A business email address is recommended. It is also best to enter a name as the sender rather than a "role." For example, a message from john@yourdomain.com is a better choice than one from support@yourdomain.com.

  • The send-from and reply-to email addresses must be custom business addresses. Custom business addresses are those that contain your own domain name, like hello@yourdomain.com. Free addresses such as Gmail or Yahoo are not accepted here.
  • Both addresses entered in the configuration must be on the same domain. For example:
    • Send-from: jane@doeinc.com
    • Reply-to: support@doeinc.com 
  • Authenticate the custom email domain to ensure deliverability.
    • Critical: Deliverability to some recipients may be severely impacted if domain authentication is not complete.
    • Learn more about email sender authentication, including DKIM, SPF, and DMARC records.
  • The test operation from the gateway confirmation checks to make sure the mail server is operational. The test message you receive will be sent from notifications@kartra.com, not the custom sender details entered in the configuration.

Customize the email contents

In the first email:

  1. Change the subject of the email to replace [THING]
  2. Change the first line of the email to replace [THING]
  3. Add a link or attach the free report (or video, etc., that you used for the opt-in freemium) so recipients can download it
  4. Change the three "benefits" to be specific to the free item you're sending
  5. Change YOUR NAME to your own
  6. Make other changes to the email as desired. You can add your logo, change the message, etc.
  7. Send yourself a test of the email so you can see how it looks in your inbox

In the second email:

  1. Change the word [THING] in the first line of the email to refer to your freemium
  2. Change YOUR NAME
  3. Change [THING] in the post-script at the end (PS)
  4. Make any other changes you want
  5. Send yourself a test of the email so you can see how it looks in your inbox

Take some time to adjust your emails so they better reflect who you are and what you care about. These emails are meant to introduce yourself and help your subscribers get to know, like, and trust you.

As you get more comfortable with creating campaigns, you can consider adding more emails to promote products or sales, or to provide valuable free info while building relationships. But for now, since it’s your first funnel, we'll keep it simple.

When you're done editing your sequence:

  • Save all changes to both emails, then click Done & Exit to close the sequence builder.
  • Move on to Step 6: Test your funnel