There are two types of page footers found in the Sections menu:

  • Footer, for website links, contact information, and other static content.
  • Bottom bar, for a sticky banner positioned at the bottom of the page.

Click + Add Section at the bottom of the page to open the Sections menu:

  • Browse the templates to find a design you like and click it to add to the page.
    • IMPORTANT: Only one bottom bar can be placed on a page. If you add a new bar, it will replace the original.

Footers Menu on Kartra Page Builder

Footers sit wherever you place them. If you place a footer at the bottom of a long page, visitors will need to scroll down to see it.Footer example on a Kartra Page

Bottom bars are sticky banners at the bottom of the page. If someone scrolls through the page, the footer will always remain visible. Sticky bottom banners example on a Kartra Page