To reactivate a dormant Kartra account, log in and purchase a new subscription from the Billing page.

Log in to your inactive account at Use the most recent email address and password you remember.

Inside the account:

  1. Click the Profile avatar in the top right corner of the dashboard
  2. Select Billing
  3. Click Reactivate on your preferred plan
  4. Choose a monthly or annual subscription
  5. Enter your credit card information to complete the purchase and immediately reactivate the account

The new purchase will restore access to all content stored in the account and give you instant access to all features included with your new plan.

Click Reactivate to purchase a new subscription

Canceled accounts are stored for a limited amount of time, and there is no guarantee that an inactive account will be eligible for reactivation as described in this article.

If it has been a while since you had a subscription or if you were unable to login using your previous account credentials, please reach out to our Billing support team to confirm the status of your old account.

Include your old account username and email address in the message to expedite the request.