To refund a payment partially or in full:

  1. Go to Products > Analytics > Transactions
  2. Locate the transaction you want to refund and click the Order ID to open it
    • Use the search or advanced filters to find one or all transactions associated with a single subscription or customer.

Transactions table in product analytics

The Order details window contains information about the payment, including the product and pricing, subscription terms (if applicable), and customer details. 

Transaction order details billing actions

The amount shown in the top-right Processed module is the total collected, including the base price of the product plus tax and shipping if applicable.

  1. Choose a refund action from the Your billing actions module.
    • Selecting Issue partial refund prompts you to enter a custom amount.
  2. Click Process to complete the action.

Pro tips

  • After a partial refund, the Processed status changes to Partially refunded to reflect the refund. The Partially refunded status shows the amount that was returned to the customer.
  • Use Mark as chargeback to adjust the total revenue shown in your account if a customer disputes a payment through their bank and wins the dispute. You will typically see chargebacks reported in your payment processor account. Marking a transaction as a chargeback will remove the full amount of the transaction from your Kartra revenue totals. This cannot be undone.