Manage a single lead

  • Go to Communications > Leads and open the lead you want to manage
  • Click Memberships in the lead profile navigation
  • Use the action buttons to manage existing memberships
  • Use the drop-down fields to grant access to a new membership

To see all members for a specific membership:

  1. Go to Memberships in your account
  2. Locate the membership you want to manage and click the three dots to open the menu
    Member list three dots example
  3. Select Members list
    • Filter the members list to see active, inactive, or all members.
      Member list with member names example


Hover over the progression bar to see the last category and post visited by a member.

Last post visited by a member

If the member has access to more than one level, a popover with general progression by level displays instead.

Member progression for multiple access levels

Member Actions

Use the buttons in the Actions column of the member table to manage each person’s access or login credentials.

Grant or revoke access to membership levels

  • Click the key icon to toggle access on or off by level.
    Click the key icon to modify access levels

Resend a member’s login details

Click the envelope iconto resend the member’s login credentials. Their login email address and password will be sent in an email.

Click the envelope to resend login details

Pro tip

Customize the Forgot password email to add your own branding and style.

Click the profile avatar in the top-right corner of your screen and select Email notifications. Filter or search for membership notifications and click the pencil icon to edit the “Membership password resend” email.

Email notifications page example.

Reset a member’s password

  • Click the lock icon to change the member’s password.

  • The new password must be between 8-16 characters.
  • The manual reset does NOT send a notification email to your member. Contact them to tell them the new password.
  • Resetting the password does not completely remove the member’s access. They can use the forgot password process on the login page to reset the password again. If you want to remove the member’s access completely, revoke it instead of resetting the password.