Goal: Customize your opt-in page. There is where people will go to fill out an opt-in form and join your list.

Pages deployed with the Simple List Builder

The Simple List Builder campaign has three opt-in page designs to choose from.

Go to Pages and use the drop-down to find the opt-in options in the Simple List Builder category.

  • 1a. Simple LB Optin with Image
  • 1b. Simple LB Image 2-Step
  • 1c. Simple LB Text 2-Step Optin

Choose the design that matches the look and feel you prefer. Tip: Hover over the asset tile and click the "eye" icon to quickly preview the page. You can delete the pages you decide not to use or keep them for now.

The campaign pages are pre-populated with marketing copy that you can edit to make it your own.

Open the page in the page builder to customize it:

  1. Change the headline to reflect a [RESULT] and [FRUSTRATIONthat are relevant to your audience and applicable to your opt-in offer.
    • If you selected a page design with an image, change the featured image if desired.
  2. Change [THING] to the description of the item you're using to entice someone to opt-in.
  3. Change the footer links to your own terms of service, etc.

The opt-in form and button on the page are already configured, so you are done! Give the page a final review and make any last adjustments to finish it.

Save and publish the page:

  1. Click the Actions button on the upper right of the page builder
  2. Select Publish live to save and publish the page to the internet
  3. Click Actions > Return to dashboard to exit the builder

When you are happy with your opt-in page, go to Step 3: Modify the Opt-in Form (Optional)