While your camera or phone might record your video files at full HD resolution (even 4K!) and 60 frames per second, the truth is those extreme settings might actually ruin the video experience for your users!

If your viewers don't have a powerful internet connection or are watching from a mobile phone, a high-resolution video can result in an experience that suffers from buffering and other playback issues.

To reduce buffering, optimize your videos before uploading them.

There are many services that you can use to reduce the file size of your videos! One good option is a free software called HandBrake that will re-encode and optimize your videos, making the file size much smaller without losing quality.

Recommended settings for the optimal balance between HD quality and fast streaming:

  • MP4 format
  • 720p resolution at 30 frames per second
  • Web optimized option ticked ON
  • Audio bitrate set at 128

Handbrake walkthrough