Upgrade your Kartra subscription plan from your account Billing page.

Choose between an annual or monthly Kartra plan upgrade

In your Kartra account:

  1. Click the Profile avatar in the top right corner of the dashboard
  2. Select Billing from the dropdown menu
  3. On the billing page, locate your preferred plan
  4. Click Upgrade
  5. Click Proceed to choose monthly or annual payments
  6. A confirmation message and a one-time upgrade fee are displayed
  7. Confirm your choice and authorize the upgrade fee to complete the upgrade

Your subscription is immediately upgraded to give you instant access to the features of the higher plan.

An upgrade fee is charged for the difference in cost between your old and new pricing for the days remaining in the current billing cycle. The total of this one-time charge is displayed during the upgrade process and will only be charged when you confirm your acceptance.

The full price of the new subscription will be charged on your next normal rebill date.