From Novice to Ninja with Danielle Doucette

In this workshop led by Kartra Certified Partner Danielle Doucette, participants will explore the intricacies of Kartra email sequences and receive pro tips for optimizing engagement.

Gain insights into managing unsubscribe processes effectively and understand the importance of a well-defined starting rule in sequences. The workshop will empower you to master the art of crafting impactful sequences while incorporating essential elements for subscriber satisfaction and effective communication.

Headshot of Danielle Doucette

Danielle Doucette, "The Kartra Coach," is the online marketing strategist and coach for business owners using Kartra who want to grow and connect with their email list, sell more of their offers, and automate in an authentic way.

Danielle holds a degree in Psychology, but her true passion lies in deciphering the psychology of sales and marketing!

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Novice to Ninja is an educational series of webinars presented in partnership with Kartra Certified Experts to help you learn more about using Kartra to its full potential. Watch the replays on demand in Kartra's learning center.