Lead profiles cannot be merged.

If you want to consolidate two lead profiles for the same lead, the first step is to decide which lead profile you want to use in the future. Review the information in each lead to assess this. For example, you may prefer to keep the profile that has purchase or helpdesk history.

Once you know which profile you want to keep, take a look at the email address in each one. If the profile you want to keep doesn’t have the preferred email for your lead, follow the steps below to edit the profile.  

  1. Visit Communications > Leads
  2. Click on the lead’s name to open the profile with the preferred email 
    • Note: Copy-paste the email someplace easily accessible
  3. Edit the email to a different address and select Save in the upper right
    • Pro Tip: This lead will be deleted, so you can enter any content in the email address field. It does not need to be a valid address.
  4. Click on the lead’s name to open the profile you want to keep
  5. Edit the lead profile to add the preferred email address (see step 2) and select Save in the upper right
  6. Tick the checkbox for the lead profile you no longer need (see step 3)
  7. Choose Delete leads from the drop-down Action menu in the upper right