Lead scoring allows you to assign points to a lead depending on actions they have taken or any criteria you choose.

To manually change a lead’s score, go to Communications > Leads

Edit Kartra lead score

  1. Click a lead name to open a profile
  2. Click the pencil icon in the Score box to edit
  3. Enter a number to add or edit the score
  4. Press Enter on your keyboard or click outside the box to save
  5. Save the lead profile

Automatic lead scoring

Check your plan

Advanced automations are included with Kartra Growth, Professional, and Enterprise plans. Review or change your subscription in your account Billing.

To automatically change a lead’s score, go to Communications > Advanced automations

  1. Click the blue add Automation button to create a new advanced automation rule
  2. Use the dropdown fields to define the behavior that activates the rule (IF), any conditions (AND/OR), and the action to automatically perform (THEN).


Kartra advanced automation to give a lead points if they complete a form

Above: Click Add to save the automation conditions, then Save to create the rule.

Why use lead scoring?

Lead scoring can be used to help you understand and respond to lead behavior. For example, you can give a lead X points when joining a list, and take X points away if they unsubscribe.

With a scoring system in place, you can target particular campaigns to segments of your list with the highest or lowest scores.

On the more practical side, you can "clean" your list by removing users with high negative numbers from too many refunds, chargebacks, or simply not opening your emails.

Lead score can be used as a recipient condition for broadcast and sequence emails. In the following example of a broadcast setup, the email will be sent only to users who meet the number of points entered for "Has score."

Kartra email broadcast recipients defined by lead score