From Novice to Ninja with Brian Katzung

Want to customize your Kartra memberships? You're in the right place! In this event, Kartra Certified Partner Brian Katzung will teach you how to leverage custom code with your Kartra memberships, helping you unlock endless customization possibilities for a more personalized membership journey. 

With examples like enhanced borders and shadows and membership backgrounds that really pop, Brian gives you some free code to copy and paste into your Kartra memberships to enhance them effortlessly. Get ready to elevate your coding skills.

Headshot of Brian Katzung

Brian Katzung has been pursuing his passion of helping people leverage computers and other information technology since 1974. 

A Kartra Certified Technical Expert and a frequent contributor in the Kartra community, he is the author of several Google plugins and tools that enhance the user experience of Kartra including KCSG Tools For Kartra and KCSG Kartra Pages.

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Novice to Ninja is an educational series of webinars presented in partnership with Kartra Certified Experts to help you learn more about using Kartra to its full potential. Watch the replays on demand in Kartra's learning center.