From Novice to Ninja with Jody Jelas

Join Jody Jelas, Kartra Certified Partner and the creator of PhunnelBuilders, as she unveils five powerful strategies to transform your digital presence into a profitable business. In this session, Jody will teach content creators, social media influencers, and vloggers how to convert followers into clients using specialized content funnels on Kartra.

Learn to monetize podcasts, YouTube videos, and social media effectively, explore essential tools for content marketing, and discover how to leverage Kartra to turn your followers into diehard fans who buy. This comprehensive workshop is designed to unlock the secrets of effectively monetizing your creative content with Kartra.

Headshot of Jody Jelas

Jody Jelas has been driving online success for 25 years, focusing exclusively on Kartra and conversion strategy with her PhunnelBuilders team for the last four years.

Known for tackling challenging projects, she’s a best-selling author and speaker on creative marketing strategies. Her pioneering spirit led her to build an online gym in 1999 using code, long before systems like Kartra existed.

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Novice to Ninja is an educational series of webinars presented in partnership with Kartra Certified Experts to help you learn more about using Kartra to its full potential. Watch the replays on demand in Kartra's learning center.