Below is the data that is being pinged by our IPN system when there is a cancellation for a one-time payment order with a trial, or a recurring payment plan.

transaction_idKartra order id
transaction_dateThe date of the transaction. Format yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss EST
transaction_subscription_idThe ID of the subscription being cancelled (PayPal transactions will return PayPal subscription id)
transaction_internal_subscription_idA unique numeric identifier for the subscription id
transaction_last_4_card_digitsThe last 4 digits of the used card ('N/A' if PayPal)
original_idThe order ID of the first transaction within the subscription. In this case it will be the same as the transaction_id since it is a first payment.
product_nameThe name of the purchased product
product_idThe ID of the product
product_price_pointThe price point number. This is a number from 1 onwards
lead_idBuyer's unique identifier id
lead_first_nameBuyer's first name
lead_last_nameBuyer's last name
lead_emailBuyer's email
lead_usernameBuyer's username
lead_phone_country_codeBuyer's phone country code
lead_phone_numberBuyer's phone number
lead_addressBuyer's billing address
lead_cityBuyer's billing city
lead_zipBuyer's billing ZIP
lead_stateBuyer's billing state
lead_countryBuyer's billing country
lead_country_code_2Buyer's two letter country code
lead_country_code_3Buyer's three letter country code
lead_ipBuyer's IP
secret_keyThe secret key you setup when you created the notification
vendor_tracking_id_1Vendor's tracking ID 1 if the sale was generated from a tracking link
vendor_tracking_id_2Vendor's tracking ID 2 if the sale was generated from a tracking link
vendor_tracking_linkVendor's tracking link name
gdpr_lead_statusinteger, possible values:
  • 0 - For GDPR status off - Your account has GDPR deactivated
  • 1 - For GDPR status not subject - The lead's IP is from a country not subject to GDPR
  • 2 - For GDPR status accepted - The lead has accepted the GDPR terms
  • 3 - For GDPR status not accepted - The lead hasn't accepted the GDPR terms
  • 4 - For GDPR status unknown - The lead's location could not be determined
  • 5 - For GDPR status pending
gdpr_lead_status_datestring (DD Mmm YYYY HH:MM:SS)
integer, possible values:
  • 0 - Lead hasn't agreed to be contacted
  • 1 - Lead has agreed to be contacted
"PayPal," Braintree," "Stripe," ""
lead_companyBuyer’s company
lead_sales_tax_idBuyer’s sales tax id