s2Member membership integration into Kartra requires:

  1. API key from s2Member
  2. URL to the membership portal provided by s2Member
  3. URL for the s2Member integration
  4. A membership ID (level). You will need to create a separate integration per each membership level that you have set up. This will allow you to sell each level independently.

NOTE: This integration means most issues will need to be solved via S2 Member and S2Member support.

Go to Integrations in your Kartra account and look for S2Member in the list of Membership integrations. Click the dots and you will be presented with a small popup, from it select "New integration".

S2member 01

To collect your API Key:

  1. Login to s2Member on a separate tab and collect the key from the API options within s2Member.
  2. After logging into s2Member, select the tabs in the following order: s2Member add-on > API / Scripting > Pro API for remote operations.
  3. Copy the secret API key. See: Instructions from s2Member on  their API Key

NOTE: s2Member and/or WordPress may change their website from what appears in this document, but there should still be an API section with the key information.

Membership 03

Getting Your s2Member ID

Because you will need an integration with each s2 Membership Level you have, you need to know which ID each level is. 

Log in to s2Member and select the tabs in the following order: S2Member add-on > General Options > Define Membership Levels and Packages.

NOTE: The s2Member add-on will not be labeled OptimizeMember. Example: If you want to use Level #0 (Free Subscribers) the membership ID will be 0.  Level #1 will be 1.

Membership 04

Now go back to Kartra and complete the integration fields:

  • Membership Name Give your s2 Membership level a name (Marked #1 Below). This is for your use only, but you will want something that is easy for you to recognize so you know which site and membership level this integration is. 
  • Next, you will need two different URLs, these are unique to each membership website, and you need to use the links as they were set up via your S2 Member.
  • URL to WordPress integration The "URL to WordPress integration" will be the folder where your WordPress is Installed.

S2member New

  • API KEY Now paste your s2Member "API Key" into the integration window (Marked #3 Above).
  • Membership ID Since this integration will be specific to a predesignated Membership level, you will add that ID here (Marked #4 Above).
  • On Refund / Cancellation You will want to assign an action (Marked #5 Above) in the event the customer cancels/refunds the purchase.
    • Delete user will delete the user
    • Downgrade user will set the user to another membership ID of your choice

At this point the create button should be enabled (Marked #6 Above), press to finish your s2Member membership integration. 


If you are unable to find the "API Key" on s2Member or have any other issues with collecting the API information, please contact s2Member support. If your s2Member API Key does not work via Kartra, please contact Kartra support.