A lead is an individual or organization that has the potential to become a future customer. A lead can be someone who sees or downloads your content, signs up for a trial, or joins your mailing list.

  1. Visit Communications > Leads to view your leads.
  2. Click on a lead’s name to open their profile. All their interactions with your assets are documented in the profile.

Important to note

  • Each lead profile has a unique email address. 
  • Information from one profile can’t be transferred to another. 
  • Profiles can’t be combined.

Explore the lead profile to see data and options for your contact

Click through the tabs in a lead profile to see other information and actions available for the lead.

  • Profile: Review and modify contact information, tags, and notes
  • Lists: Lists the lead is or has been subscribed to and manual subscription action
  • Emails: Broadcast and sequence emails the lead has received
  • Sequences: Sequences the lead is or has been subscribed to and manual subscription action
  • Memberships: Memberships the lead has or has had access to and manual access action
  • Webinars: Webinars the lead has registered for and manual registration action
  • Surveys: Surveys the lead has completed
  • Calendars: Calendar appointments the lead has or has cancelled and manual scheduling action
  • Orders: Transaction records showing all sale, rebill, refund, and cancellation events
  • Helpdesk: Log of all tickets and live chat interactions
  • Log: Log of all lead actions tracked by Kartra