Before getting started

  • Download your existing leads and save them as a CSV file
    • Delete empty columns
    • Separate all tags and lists with semicolons
      Separate tags and lists with semicolons in your CSV file
    • Check you have fewer than 20,000 leads listed in under 60 columns 
  • Run your list through an email verification service and remove all leads with undeliverable emails and emails used by organizations to monitor and block spam (spam traps).
  • Collect information and save screenshots to describe in detail:
    • Where do the leads come from?
    • What website URL(s) did you use to build your lead list (starting with https://)?
    • What working email is connected with the URLs listed above?
    • When did you last email these leads?
    • Are your leads either compliant or not subject to GDPR, CCPA, or equivalent regulation?

To import leads from another service, follow these steps:

  1. Visit Communications > Leads and select the blue plus button on the bottom right
  2. Select Import a batch of leads
  3. Drag and drop your CSV file into Kartra and select Save and Next
  4. Match your CSV columns with field types in Kartra or create new matching fields 
  5. Organize all your leads in the Automations step. You can assign the same tags, add them all to the same lists, and subscribe them to the same sequences.
  6. Fill out the Questionnaire in detail using the information and screenshots you gathered before getting started. 
    • Your website and email domain in Steps 2 and 3 of the Questionnaire must match
    • Only type in the first half of your email address:
  7. Verify the GDPR & CCPA regulations
  8. Submit 

Provide information about how your leads were obtained in the import questionnaire