To get through the lead import process quickly, follow these steps:

  1. Run your list through an email verification service and remove all leads with undeliverable emails and emails used by organizations to monitor and block spam (spam traps).
  2. In the Questionnaire for importing a batch of leads, share a domain where you can receive an email to verify your ownership of the website where the list was collected.
    • If this domain isn't where you collected your leads, it's very important that you explain that and share as many details as possible in Step 1 of the Questionnaire.
  3. To set up an email address with your domain, you can:
    • Contact your domain registrar to ask if they can provide you with an email address.
    • Log in and create a custom email address using cPanel (if it's used by your domain registrar).
    • Create a Google G Suite account and attach it to your domain

Import Review

After you submit the import request, Kartra staff will: 

  • Review your leads list upload in two business days or less
  • Remove spam and undeliverable email addresses from your lead contacts to ensure higher deliverability for your emails.