Kartra uses email verification systems to remove, or blocklist, known spammers and undeliverable emails. We do this to ensure the highest possible rate of email delivery for all Kartra users.

Blocklisted leads are shown with a red status bubble. Hover over the bubble to see why the lead was blocklisted.

Safelist a lead

A Check again button appears if a lead’s status can be resolved manually, such as in cases where an email address was misspelled or is generally undeliverable.

To manually update a lead and clear the blocklisting:

  1. Open the lead and change the email address
  2. Double-check to make sure that the spelling is correct and the domain is valid
  3. Save the lead
  4. Hover your cursor over the red status bubble

    A check again button appears in the lead status popover
  5. Click Check again
    • Sent: The request was processed
    • Fail: The request could not be processed. Contact the support team for more assistance. 
  6. Hover over the status bubble again to confirm the lead’s new status. It will return to its original state before the lead was blocked.

Pro tips

  • When a lead is successfully safelisted, an entry appears in their log with the date and time of the change.
  • Clearing blocklisted leads must be done one at a time. If you have a large number of blocklisted leads, contact the support team for more help.
  • Safelisted leads will be available to mail in future communications. If delivery to the new address fails, the lead will be blocklisted again.

Spam complaints

Spam complaints cannot be cleared

A Blocklisted - Spam complaint status is applied when a lead reports that a message sent from your Kartra account was spam. This status indicates that the lead has revoked their consent to receive mail from you.

The spam complaint status cannot be manually rechecked or removed and Kartra will not send any email from your account to the affected lead. The “check again” button does not appear for this status.

Note: If you believe that a spam complaint was submitted in error, the affected lead may be able to help you remove it. Contact the support team for assistance.