Enable self-service billing tools to let your customers manage a subscription, download payment invoices, and update or change the credit card they use to pay for your services.

There are two ways to enable self-service billing for your customers:

  1. As a standalone portal accessed through a direct URL (included with all plans)
  2. As an integrated billing section in your Kartra Helpdesk

Check your plan

Helpdesks included with Kartra Growth, Professional, and Enterprise plans. Review or change your subscription in your account Billing.

Standalone self-service billing portal

Configure a self-service billing portal in Kartra

  1. Go to Products > Self billingand toggle ON all options you want to activate:
    • Allow invoice download to show an option to download invoices for past payments.
    • Allow credit card update to show an option to change or update the customer's payment information. This may reduce failed rebill incidents.
    • Allow refund transaction to allow your customer to request a refund from the billing portal.
    • Allow cancel subscription to allow your customer to cancel their recurring billing agreement.
  2. Toggle between Automated and Manual action for cancellation and refund.
    • Choose Automated if you want Kartra to automatically process the customer's request as soon as they use the self-service option.
    • Choose Manual if you want the customer's request to create a helpdesk ticket for your review. (Helpdesks are available with Kartra Growth plans and above.)
      • Specify the helpdesk where you want the tickets to appear. If you do not have a helpdesk set up, you can create one in your account in Helpdesks.
  3. Customize the Billing portal URL using your custom domain and a custom directory path. (Optional)
  4. Share the Billing portal URL with your customers and/or add it to any page or email to create a path to your billing support.

My Orders in Helpdesks

Enable self-service billing in Kartra helpdesks

  1. Go to Helpdesks and edit an existing helpdesk or create a new one.
  2. Go to the Self Billing step in the wizard and select Yes, display the billing section.
  3. Choose whether to allow refund requests and whether to execute them automatically or manually.
  4. Choose whether to allow cancel requests and whether to execute them automatically or manually.
  5. Click Save after each selection, then Save and Next to go to the next step in the Helpdesk configuration.

When you enable your helpdesk on a page or in a membership, your customers can access and modify their billing information through the My Orders section of your helpdesk.

To access their information, the customer will login using the Order ID from any payment invoice and their purchase email address.

Login to access My Orders

Pro tip

Add a billing portal to your membership by enabling Customer support at the Helpdesk step in your configuration. 

  • Select Kartra Helpdesk as the support option and make sure self-billing is turned on in the helpdesk you select.
  • To send customers straight to a billing portal instead of a full ticket desk, select External Helpdesk as the support option. Enter the direct URL to your standalone self-billing portal.

With Customer support enabled, a help icon will appear inside your membership.

Turn on a support helpdesk in Memberships