Basic webinar configuration process saves you time and gets you into a webinar quickly. You can create a new webinar in 1 to 5 minutes, depending on your needs.

Right Now, Always On, Scheduled Webinar configuration display.

To create a webinar:

  1. Visit Webinars and select the blue plus button on the bottom right
  2. Enter a webinar name and click Next.
  3. Select Basic configuration.
  4. Select a type of webinar you need and click Create.
  5. Add Webinar details and additional Presenters and click Save on the right for each section.
    • For Scheduled webinars only, add date and time, as well as booking confirmation messages and reminders you’d like your attendees to receive.
  6. Click Create webinar on the bottom.

Pro tip

Additional presenters added in the configuration wizard enter the webinar as room administrators. Room administrators can grant and revoke administrator status of any presenter.

  • All presenters can access the live room options from the right-side menu inside the room.
  • Presenters without administrator status can’t manage other presenters or access the start and end call buttons.