Create a new broadcast in Communications > Communications > Broadcasts

A recipient group must be selected during the creation of a new broadcast.

When you select the criteria, a summary appears at the bottom of the screen that shows how many leads in the recipient group can be mailed and how many are blocked.

Lead summary bar with number of blocked leads listed

Lead selected

Total leads who meet the criteria selected under “Communication recipients.” This is the initial recipient group.

Email filled in

Leads in the recipient group who have an email address in their lead profile.


Leads in the recipient group who cannot be mailed. Blocked leads fall into one of four categories:

  • Do not contact: Leads who have selected “Do not contact me again” on the email subscription management page. You no longer have permission to mail them.
  • Spam complaint: Leads who have previously submitted a spam complaint against one of your emails. You no longer have permission to mail them.
  • Declined commercial messages: Leads who did not accept commercial messages under GDPR & CCPA and have not consented to receive promotional email messages from you.
  • Blocklisted: Leads who are blocked for other reasons, such as a previous hard bounce, invalid mailbox provider, misspelled address, etc.

The final Total to send is the number of recipients Kartra will attempt to deliver your message to.