Create custom fields to collect information from customers and prospects beyond standard contact information.

Using the details collected by custom fields, you can add personalization to emails and create automation rules based on specific responses.

Note: This article shows how to create custom fields in a Kartra Form. Custom fields can also be created and used in every other context where a type of form is used in your account, such as checkout forms, surveys, etc.

How to create custom fields in Kartra Forms

Create or open a form to access the field options:

  1. Go to Forms
  2. At the Form fields step, click + New field
  3. Select Create a custom field
    • Select the type of field you want to create and customize it
    • Click the toggle to specify whether the field must be mandatory
  4. Save the custom field window and the new field is automatically added to the form draft

Understanding the field configuration

Field identifier: Internal name for the field that appears in the lead profile and the “My fields” selection drop-down when you create a form. Visitors to the form can not see this name.

Field label: Public name that appears on the form to help guide people who are completing your form. For example, the label may be written as a question to be answered by the contact’s response in the options or text box.

Field options (dropdown, ratio, checkbox): Preset response options for the field. 

  • Use dropdown menu or ratio button to allow only one selection from a group of predefined options
  • Use checkboxes to allow multiple selections from a group of predefined options
  • Use text input (single line) or text area (multi-line) to allow a completely custom, typed response

Field placeholder (text input and text area): Example text that appears inside a text field. This is typically used to help the person completing the form understand what kind of information or details to enter.

Select and customize a custom form field

Take note

Once created, your custom fields are added to every lead profile created in your account. If someone submits a form with a response for a field, the response will appear in their profile. If they have not, the field will be blank.

Each time one of your contacts submits a response for a specific custom field, their newest response will overwrite any existing one. Use caution when reusing custom fields in multiple contexts, as this can cause you to lose information collected previously.