Place a form anywhere online to build your mailing list and add new contacts to your Kartra account.

Kartra forms can be used on any website or page where you have the ability to place custom code. Choose from raw HTML or JavaScript HTML embed code.

  1. Go to Forms and edit an existing form or create a new one
  2. At the Form design step of the wizard, select I will embed the form in a 3rd party page
  3. Click Launch the form builder to customize the form:
    • Choose a template, set custom styles, and choose how the form will be displayed on your external page.
    • Use the device buttons at the top of the page to view your form design in desktop, tablet, and mobile formats.
    • Styles applied in the form builder are displayed when you use the JavaScript embed code option.
    • When you are finished, click the Actions button in the top right and exit the form builder.
  4. Save the Form design module and finish the setup wizard

Get the Kartra form embed code

JavaScript HTML code used to embed a Kartra form

Form embed code is accessed in two ways:

  • At the last step of the setup wizard (shown in the previous image), select HTML or JavaScript to access and copy the code.
  • From the Forms section of your account, click the three dots on any asset tile with the label “Embed on your site.“ Select Get code. Select HTML or JavaScript to access and copy the code.

Naked HTML embed code

Use the Naked HTML code for more control over the style and layout of your form. Recommended for users with advanced code skills or teams with a web designer. Add the code anywhere HTML is accepted.

JavaScript HTML embed code

Use the JavaScript HTML code for an easy copy-and-paste option. The design created in the form builder will be displayed wherever you use this code.

  • Note: The JavaScript code option is an HTML snippet that uses JavaScript to display the styles and design you created in the form builder wizard. Use this code anywhere HTML code is accepted and then test to page to confirm that the design is displayed as expected.

Using the Kartra form embed code

Options to insert custom code in your page or site will vary depending on the external platform you are using. 

In most cases, look for a widget or block in your page composer or editing options that allows you to paste HTML embed code and add it to the content.

If you need help finding where to put the code, look for help documentation or contact the support team for the service where your page is hosted.