Importing leads into your Kartra account is done by uploading a CSV file containing the contact data. The file can contain up to 60 columns of data.

In some cases, you may see the error "Your uploaded file cannot have more than 60 columns," even when your file contains 60 or less columns of data.

How to resolve "Your uploaded file cannot have more than 60 columns" error

Too many columns error in Kartra upload

If you are within the 60-column limit for the lead upload and encounter this error, it is likely because your CSV file has a large number of empty columns.

Delete all extra columns in the spreadsheet to resolve the error:

  1. Open your CSV file in any spreadsheet program
  2. Highlight all empty columns to the right of the contact data you want to import
  3. Delete the columns
  4. Resave or export your file in the CSV format and try the lead import again

If you are not sure how to delete columns in your spreadsheet application, check for help documentation or contact their support team to learn how.

Here are a few common resources to get you started: