Before Getting Started
  • If you’re creating an email, check your KartraMail configuration to confirm your default sender details. You can also change the sender details manually in each broadcast.
  • If you’re creating an SMS message (text messaging), check your Integrations to make sure you have an active SMS integration.

To start a new broadcast:

  1. Go to Communications > Communications > Broadcasts and click the + Broadcast button in the lower right corner of the screen.
  2. Choose email or SMS as the broadcast type and select the gateway you want to use to send the message.
    • If you have more than one email or SMS gateway integration, use the drop-down field to choose from the available options.
  3. Define the recipientsfor the broadcast and refine the group further if needed by adding AND/OR conditions.
    • Important: Clicking “Ignore GDPR & CCPA” lets you send the broadcast to recipients who have declined GDPR/CCPA terms, meaning that you do not have permission to send them marketing messages. Only use this option if the message you are sending falls within the exceptions allowed under GDPR or CCPA guidelines.

Ignore GDPR & CCPA button

Select email broadcast type and compose the message configuration

Design the broadcast message at the Message step:

  1. Choose whether to send one email or conduct a split test.
  2. Use the toggle at the top of the email builder to switch between plain text or Rich HTML styles. Choose Rich HTML for access to content templates.
  3. Design the email in the builder canvas.
    • In text or rich HTML mode, copy and paste dynamic variables from the sidebar to add customized content to the message.
    • In Rich HTML mode, drag and drop blocks of content or individual components from the sidebar into the builder canvas.
    • If you selected Split Test, you will see two instances of the builder. Design each version of the email and set the percentages for the split.
  4. Click Send test email at the bottom of the builder window to send yourself a preview of the email design.
    • Note: Dynamic variables will appear as “TEST” in the preview you receive.

If/Then automation configuration in the broadcast builder

Example automation: If a lead opens the broadcast, they are assigned 10 points. Points contribute to the lead's overall Score.

Add automations (optional) and finish the broadcast:

  1. At the Automations step of the broadcast setup, add follow-up actions if desired. You can trigger automatic actions based on how recipients interact with the message:
    • IF Lead opens this email
    • IF Lead does not open this email within X hours
    • IF Lead clicks on a link
    • IF Lead does not click on a link within X hours
  2. At the Send/Schedule step, choose to send the message immediately, schedule it for later, or save as a draft.
  3. Go to the Finish step to complete the broadcast setup.

Broadcast scheduler configuration window